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The « Omnibus » Pass

This 2-hour ferry boat trip allows you to make the most of the tour with commentary and stop off at any of the lakeside villages to discover their local history, architecture and beauty.
This Boat Pass allows you to get on and off anytime you like and avoid local traffic and parking problems.


Special Offer : EUR 64.80
A subscription card which offers you one free return boat pass for the purchase of 4 boat passes.
Valid on all ferry boats stopping at all ports.


From April 23rd to September 25th 2011.

Useful information

  • On sale at all ticket offices located at the Annecy port.
  • The Boat Pass is transferable but is only valid for the season indicated on the card.
  • Unused journies will not be reimbursed.
  • At each port, a crew member punches a hole in one square per person and per stop on your pass.
  • If you do not wish to stop in any ports, but would like to make the most of the 2-hour boatride departing from Annecy, the crew will punch 2 holes per person per pass.
Download PDF : Pass Omnibus (coming)